Expressing Him In Art - Rhonda Oldland
Expressing Him In Art - Rhonda Oldland

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My Journey


As a child, art and creativity always sparked something in my spirit, whether it was making clay mud castles or doodling with pastels, art had the ability to capture my attention. Now, as an adult, I am realizing that our God who is the Creator of the arts is releasing in me pictures that express His nature and His messages that He wants me to share with others.


What started as a childhood spark has now become a meeting place with Him, a place in His presence, seeing what He is seeing and becoming what He has created me to be -ARTIST.


“If to worship God is to sing His praises, then the life of the artist is one perpetual song of praise. - Randolph W. Johnston, 1952 


When I read this line I felt it best described who I am and what I have been doing, because my life has been one perpetual pursuit of the arts that sing His praises!


I have been actively pursuing the arts since the early eighties. During that time I was a stained glass artisan and in the late eighties I gravitated to pottery, where I got involved with the pottery community. I studied and worked in the creative process of clay for 9 years.


In 2010 I was challenged to express my artistic ability during a worship service at my church. A friend of mine saw in me what I could not see in myself. She asked me to come up on stage and worship by drawing during the prophetic arts. It was the timing of the Lord for me and that is how my passion for painting in acrylic’s emerged.


I have had many influential art instructors in my life. But the most influential has been the Holy Spirit. He has been my main teacher and with His guidance I create what I see in the Spirit realm. He guides me along while painting, He leads me to instructors who help me, and as I listen to Him I see and reproduce what He is showing me. He, the Holy Spirit, has shown me my weakness and my strength and as I am walking through this artistic process it is by His power and His instruction that the art is being created.


When I paint, I begin by asking the Holy Spirit what He wants to express through me today. I am in His creative presence and the atmosphere is one of rest. I usually listen to worship music without words. Because words tend to block my creative flow, I hear Him best through musical notes and not words.  I wait on the Lord, listening for what He wants to say while looking at a blank canvas. It is during this quiet contemplation time of waiting, looking, and listening that the picture begins to manifest.Therefore, each picture I paint has a narrative all it's own.


As I continue to do what the Lord is showing me to do I am trusting Him to finish the work He has started in me. Because for me, it is all about being in His presence and hearing His voice, in my art more than in the rewards. 

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